Welcome to Smart Filmz, an independent film production company founded at the end of 2009 and based in New York City.
The company assists in developing, packaging, producing, financing and distribution productions  mainly written and directed by writer/director Alexandra Ares. It also offers advisory support to international independent producers interested in packaging and shooting in New York, and for American producers interested in shooting in Eastern Europe.
In development in association with YMC Films

Other screenplays in development:
adaptations of the novels
by Alexandra Ares
Comedy | Drama

A New York girl who loses her job and her boyfriend runs into bigger troubles when she tries to survive using Craigslist for all her needs. But she has a special talent...

A man with big dreams and a woman who lost hers bond over stories of unrequited love. 
Drama | Short Film 
A man and a woman meet by chance in Central Park and resume the last 15 years of their lives, which unfolds an unexpected truth.
Comedy | Drama | Romance 
Two Wall Street guys and a vacum cleaner repair man try to solve their secret issues by taking a  trip to Bucharest to see  if the grass is greener on the other side.   
Drama| Romance | Thriller
A spoiled, nerdy, rich teen goes to the beach in the company of his father’s bodyguard who has ties with the underworld. With the help of a runaway girl, he unravels a criminal plot. 
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